The Team

Table X was started by a team of chefs who saw a need for something different. After years working in traditional, fine dining restaurants on the East Coast, Nick Fahs & Mike Blocher knew the experience could be - and needed to be - reimagined to better meet the needs of today's guest and today's planet. And they found Salt Lake City to be the perfect place to attempt this culinary overhaul.

At the core of Table X is the belief that the best food is that which celebrates the Earth, not that which comes off the back of a refrigerated truck. Which is why Table X commits itself to serving hyper- seasonal, ultra-sustainable food of unparalleled quality. We go beyond the traditional farm-to-table experience, letting the bounty of our own backyard garden inspire our ever-changing seasonal menu.

This dining menu is something chef Mike continues to elevate, finding new ways to source ingredients, preserve them and prepare them, while chef Nick focuses his attention on growing Table X's new wholesale bakery, while also managing the day-to-day operations. but together, along with their team, they strive to craft an experience that both surprises and comforts, with unique dishes inspired by the local landscape that leave you and our environment feeling just a little bit better than before.

Chefs in the kitchen