13 raised beds blanket the Table X gardens. It is a French potager garden. We grow everything we can. In 2018 we grew over 300 lbs. of tomatoes. The ideas behind the garden are not only to showcase the connection between the food we grow and food we serve every single night, but to also highlight each season throughout the year. We practice a variety of methods of preservation including fermentation, pickling, canning, drying, and aging.


We have a private Garden Dining Room overlooking our vegetable garden. It can accommodate up to 14 guests. We can tailor an experience for you and your guests or you can order one of our tasting menu options. The Garden Dining Room is also available for private business clients and events, too.

an aerial view of a garden with benches.
Exterior, people sitting in the garden among many plants
Exterior, garden, table, chairs, restaurant windows and building in the background

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