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Our cuisine evolves. We align our menus with the seasons because we know eating in-season provides excellent food. Our techniques are bedrocked in classical training, but also driven by an insatiable curiosity of to-be-discovered possibilities. The result? Remarkable food influenced by where we are and what’s around us.


 Our building has a history. Its walls housed produce from local farms in the 1930s, before they ever went to market. The space also seconded as a cheese factory. And that’s why we’ve kept the original wood-barreled roof, you see—
to remind us of the importance of cultivated, culinary excellence, from then until now. 


We keep our eyes and fingers close to the ground. Just out the door, we’ve outfitted the restaurant with an extensive culinary garden.  We’re interested in using ingredients at their peak—directly out of the earth. The Table X Garden reminds us, daily, to cook within the present season and prepare for the cold months ahead.

We’re a restaurant run by three chefs. We’re going to prepare you thoughtful, honest food without the fussiness of fine dining. In fact, we’re going to give you a new casual dining experience, altogether. Again and again.



Chef Mike Blocher approaches high-level cooking with a down-to-earth touch—a combination of simple techniques and refined, focused flavors. His early exposure to the restaurant industry led him to culinary school. Following that period, he studied with Chef Sean McKee in Vermont and Washington D.C. before relocating to Salt Lake City. While developing the menu for the restaurant, and managing it day-to-day, Mike also oversees all bread production—a sizable undertaking, but one he enjoys because every guest receives fresh bread to start their meal. Mike’s approach to food works well with the mission of Table X: he creates thoughtful, delicious dishes in an approachable setting.


Chef Nick Fahs’ passion for food originated with his family’s passion. His mother hailed from a strong Italian family raised in New Orleans and his father graduated from Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France, in 2004. Nick became intertwined with his father’s passion shortly before he passed away. Nick took time to travel to France, Spain, and Italy to better understand food culture and the craftsmanship of fine cuisine. When he returned to the states, he ran kitchens in Maine, Wisconsin, New York, and Virginia before returning to his roots in Salt Lake City. Table X is the culmination of his ideals: deep compassion for community coupled with food, inspired by local ingredients, art, and expression.


Chef David Barboza hangs his rustic, heart-centered preparation skills on his Portuguese-Irish family upbringing. “Dinner was always on the table.” A native of Maryland, he met chefs Mike and Nick at culinary school and then worked for a number of restaurants in upstate New York and Virginia before relocating to Salt Lake City. David’s approach to food-making incorporates old ideas in new environments and is a reminder to his guests that the earth provides food to survive and thrive. Through his methodologies, he hopes to connect the Table X diners with their food in a new way. 

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We have a private Garden Dining Room overlooking our vegetable garden. It can accommodate up to 14 guests. We can tailor an experience for you and your guests with a multi-course tasting menu or you can order a la carte from the Table X menu. The Garden Dining Room is also available for private business clients and events, too. 


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